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200 First Street

200 First Street

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  • Shift Your Shopping
    Shift Your Shopping

    The local owners of the businesses at 200 First Street have always invited the community to “unchain” for the holidays. This year, the campaign is to #shiftyourshopping to locally owned businesses.

    Studies show that local independent businesses create about three and a half times the local economic activity as chains do.  This is because independent businesses pay local employees, use the goods and services of other local independent businesses, and give back to community institutions far more than chains. 

  • Coffee in the Courtyard
    Coffee in the Courtyard

    The Courtyard Shoppes are open!  During our transition to a new coffee bar, coffee is being served in the courtyard, compliments of the Courtyard Shoppes.

  • Russ Wilson at First Street Gallery
    Russ Wilson at First Street Gallery

         Quiet, introspective images of side streets and empty windows dominate Russ

    Wilson’s world. “My earliest experiences of the world were through the side

    windows of an old Pontiac, as our family made endless trips throughout the South

    and beyond. Travelling through town after town, I began to envision the life that

    went on behind those faded facades and beyond the rolling hills. My job becomes

    part artist, part director, as I script the narrative of an image.”